Working from our Dubai studio, our creative team are skilled in conceptual and experiential event design, illustration, content creation and brand and campaign management. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop the potential of their vision and transform it into an interactive event experience.


Evolution's design team is imaginative and creatively-driven, seeing the unique characteristics of each project as a source of inspiration and innovation.

Throughout each project we work closely with our clients to create a design framework that clearly communicates the core vision of the project in hand, focusing on what is valued, what the project hopes to accomplish and how the goals will be achieved. 

Our experienced team of designers translate these project goals into compelling design aesthetics and unique experiential journeys, shaping the way your brand is carried throughout an event.



Our design team offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, utilising the latest software and design techniques to provide our clients with a comprehensive service for conceptualisation, 3d visualisation, brand development, collateral design, illustration, content creation and draughtmanship.


Our team works collaboratively to identify the specific aim of each project, considering the core values, key messaging and brand personality; developing a conceptual design which responds to the clients vision, incorporating the brand and functional requirements of the project.


During the initial design phase of each project, our 3D team transposes conceptual  ideas into realistic 3D renders and plans, providing our clients with an accurate and detailed understanding of the proposed project design, brand application, spatial planning and guest flow.


We love brands and we have extensive experience in their design and application. Our artworking team specialise in developing each brand identity to create fresh and inventive responses for print collateral, product and packaging design, custom websites and high-quality media.


Our dedicated content team explores the essential elements of a project, pushing the boundaries beyond conventional standards to produce an innovative, high-performance approach to providing integrated content design for corporate videos, event, exhibit and digital content.


Our design team create digital platforms to deliver key event information to your target audience in a fresh and relevant format, inspiring audience interactivity and participation in your event, whilst amplifying the strength of your brand identity, strategy and personality.


Evolution's skilled team of draughtsmen ensure accuracy throughout the planning and construction phases of each project. Our team meticulously draft venue layout plans, site maps, detailed 3D isometrics and fabrication drawings for every aspect of our events.

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Evolution produce accurate and detailed 3D visuals to clearly convey the vision and unique design aspects of each event.

Our designers thrive in the pursuit of event-specific, innovative design solutions which amplify brands, engage audiences and create experiential journeys. 

Our 3D team skillfully translate these conceptual ideas and initial themes into photo-realistic renders.


Evolution designs and develops brand identities to reflect the voice, messaging and personality of each unique company or specific project. Our skilled artworking team specialise in creating, planning and managing brand strategies, providing fresh and inventive responses for print collateral, product and packaging design, custom websites, high-quality media and content creation.


Our conceptual design approach begins with a detailed analysis of each project's aim, key messages and brand personality. Our team works collaboratively to identify the core values that will give form to the design solution by specifying the defining principles of structure, style and movement of each space.


Evolution produce detailed layout plans and construction drawings for each event element.

Our experienced team of draughtsmen ensure accuracy throughout the planning and construction stages of our events by transposing creative concepts and renders into detailed architectural drawings, offering our clients a clear and methodical overview of all aspects of their event.

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Our design team seamlessly integrate custom content into our events in the form of video, animation, performance and print work, clearly communicating key messages and goals.

Evolution’s in-house video and animation suite is staffed with skilled editors and illustrators who compose promotional videos and motion graphics tailored to the aesthetics, themes and concepts embedded within an event.

Video content and projection mapping may also be paired with original performance pieces created by the region's premier choreographers, musicians and stage acts to create a truly unique piece of entertainment.


Evolution offers creative digital solutions for online campaigns to spark audience interactivity and engagement.

We create website and app content with the singular purpose of enhancing an event’s identity and presence, offering online experiences that feature curated and relevant content, engaging guests prior, during and even after the show date. Collaborating with high profile social media influencers, digital content is directed to targeted online channels ensuring maximum reach.

Additionally, we provide registration systems with online access, back-end data processing and accreditation solutions enabling in-event data-capture to gather attendee feedback and metrics.