Soundcheck Sessions by Evolution - Let's make some noise
June 28, 2020

With social distancing in place, a lot of people are craving the experience of live performances, or to even just enjoy live music. In response to this, Evolution has created a weekly set of sessions starting on the 1st of July, that will allow the local community to come together remotely and enjoy the best the local talent has to offer. Live acts will be collaborating at the Evolution warehouse and be live streamed on all the company’s social media platforms. Sessions are every Thursday, acts will change every week and include music performers, bands and DJs showcasing talent from across the country. The on-site team will manage stage build, audio requirements, lighting design and all live streaming equipment. All we need is you and to let us know what you need for your session. The Stage is yours. Get in touch with the team via soundcheck@evolutionevents.com and one of the project managers will be in touch to organise everything with you.