Sheikhat Majlis at The Grand Opening of TFM

In order to accommodate the VVIP male and female guests for the grand opening of The Founder’s Memorial, two large temporary structures were required to be installed on the Lawn of Emirate Palace and fitted out to the highest of standards.

Evolution worked with the client on the concept of cladding the marquee structures with a 10m high branded scaffolding wall on 3 sides with a unique wooden backlit linear mashrabiya panelling system. The mashrabiya theme continued to the Grand Entrance, a design envisaged to give the guests a taste of the interior design as they entered. Overall, a unified and functional venue solution was developed both internally and externally inspired by the décor preferences of the client. The majlis was made up of a combination of sets of grand 5.3m high x 3.2m wide custom white spray finish CNC freestanding panels and large-scale prints of never-before seen photos of Sheikh Zayed. These panels worked as a natural divider for the room without feeling claustrophobic. The CNC pattern was augmented by a lighting design, which cast dappled shadows that added depth to the space and accentuated the bold imagery and custom-built white furniture.