Backed by our in-house fabrication, technical and rental departments, our team of experienced production staff manage the complexities of each individual event. Our team benefits from an in-depth understanding of the culture and protocols of the region and our longstanding relationships with a diverse network of trusted partners.


Evolution develop and coordinate original event concepts tailored to each project's specific style, function and format.

Our team of experienced project managers assess each detail and component of an event at its outset, evaluating our client's requirements and determining optimal solutions. 

We engage the collective knowledge of our broad and varied team to offer professional advise and planning across all aspects of event production, supporting our proposed concepts with detailed layouts, presentations and documentation.


Evolution's site team meticulously plan and coordinate project-specific requirements, logistics and operations.
Core understanding of the project's objective, target audience and schedule is key in determining the optimum requirements for the structures, plant, amenities and services to facilitate efficient and seamless operation of each event.

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We produce business focused events that transform typical marketing campaigns and networking sessions into completely immersive brand experiences. Our corporate events are designed to successfully convey the identity, voice, values, and messaging of a company to their attending audience and stakeholders.

Evolution provides conference staging, lounge furniture, registration tools and interactive networking activities that are customised to an event’s brand and objective.

1 - 7
VIP Wedding / Sharjah
2 - 7
Engagement Party / Sharjah
3 - 7
Royal Wedding / Ras Al Khaimah
4 - 7
New Years Eve Celebration / Dubai
5 - 7
VIP Wedding / Dubai
6 - 7
VIP Wedding / Dubai
7 - 7
VIP Wedding / Dubai

Evolution creates captivating themes to elevate private ceremonies, gala dinners, receptions and weddings to exceptional standards.

We deliver unique solutions and customised designs, incorporating bespoke entertainment, custom scenic elements, intricate furnishings, made-to-order fabric treatments, inventive centrepiece design, and distinctive table décor.


Evolution partners with local government entities, corporate and private clients to produce large-scale public events and festivals that entertain guests, are efficiently managed, operationally sound and amplify the key theme or message of the event.

Working side by side with police, municipality and government authorities. We convert public spaces into fully functional event grounds to host festivals, parades, concerts and street fairs that feature the best of local and international entertainment, food, retailers and artists to create authentic and engaging community celebrations.


Our design and production teams create experiential installations and activities for events that require highly interactive elements, combining technology, performance and scenic design in a way that best convey a brand’s messaging and themes. 

We work collaboratively with communication agencies and advertising firms to deliver experiential marketing campaigns through scenic design and production, venue transformation, prop fabrication and alternative branding solutions


Evolution provides and manages all project-specific requirements, delivering a range of services from our in-house departments and sourcing additional aspects from our network of trusted suppliers.


In keeping with authentic Emirati tradition, Evolution understands the importance of providing exceptional hospitality  to local and international guests alike. Our team ensures the delivery of an impeccable standard of guest assistance and hospitality throughout all of our events.


Evolution works with a number of  specialist floral designers to provide elegant and  balanced displays. Our carefully chosen floral providers are skilled at creating  striking arrangements  that work in harmony with the  event theme and complement the overall design.


Evolution works with a wide and varied network of local and international talent agencies toprovide captivating and unique entertainment concepts for our events; collaborating withprofessional musicians, choreographers, artists and avante-garde performers.


Our team has extensive experience in F&B management, working with a wide selection of local catering companies, leading restaurants, high calibre chefs and distinctive food trucks to provide customised menus and refreshments tailored for any type of event.


Evolution produces a spectrum of customised gifts and collateral with a focus on iconic design, quality, materials and finishing.  Our team offers a fresh and unique approach to merchandise design, providing solutions  for festivals, events, exhibitions and conferences.


Evolution produces a spectrum of customised gifts and collateral with a focus on iconic design, quality, materials and finishing.  Our team offers a fresh and unique approach to merchandise design, providing solutions  for festivals, events, exhibitions and conferences.


Our production team works in conjunction with our in-house conceptual designers, 3D artists and scenic teams to create and develop  interactive marketing pop-ups that capture a brand’s identity and provide engaging experiences to strengthen the visibility of consumer brands.


Evolution redefines the expectations of traditional event planning by developing concepts that deliver exceptionalexperiences, embrace the unconventional, strengthen brand values, encourage guest involvement, engage action through activity and offer lasting memories.


Our projects team manage an extensive database of both local and international workshops, facilitators, entertainers and speakers, suitable for all ages, that range from fun to informative. Wecarefully craft one-off activities for specific events to provide unique guest experiences.

1 - 10
43rd UAE National Day Celebration
2 - 10
43rd UAE National Day Celebration
3 - 10
Patron of the Arts Awards
4 - 10
Commemoration Day
5 - 10
Patron of the Arts Awards
6 - 10
Dubai Public Library 50th Anniversary
7 - 10
Arab Journalism Awards
8 - 10
Moral Education Briefing
9 - 10
Special Olympics Signing Ceremony
10 - 10
Qasr Al Hosn Parade

Evolution is highly experienced in working with protocol and security teams to accommodate the specific requirements of high profile visitors.

Our production team coordinates directly with the protocol representatives of attending dignitaries and heads of state to ensure the design and layout of an event has made all necessary preparations and safeguards to accommodate VIP guests.