Alex Jugo

Scenic Project Manager

After 12 years working as an AutoCAD operator for large-scale construction companies Alex's desire to work on more innovative and fast paced projects inspired him to transition into the world of event production. He has worked as a senior draftsman at Evolution since 2013 and now mixes his creative eye and practical nature to translate theoretical design concepts into hard reality. Alex applies his knowledge to creating accurate and functional build drawings, site plans, layouts, and structural calculations for all of Evolution’s events. A skilled AutoCAD operator, Alex also works in SketchUp and Photoshop to produce the clearest instructional documents required to complete production and can always be found on site or in the carpentry warehouse explaining just how everything needs to be fitted together.

‐ AutoCAD Drafting

‐ Site Planning

‐ Structural Specifications

‐ Finishing Schedules