Ruwan Perera

Scenic Project Manager

With more than ten years of experience in brand development and printing, Ruwan has spent time both on the creative and production side of graphic design. In addition to being a skilled illustrator, Ruwan is highly knowledgeable of various printable media, colour spaces and managing the proper output settings for all graphics that leave Evolution's doors for production. A strong believer in seeing what he has created through to the end Ruwan can take a design that he composed at his computer, proof it at the print shop, and finally be seen on site stapling the finished piece of artwork in place. With his combined skills in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and production Ruwan is highly trusted within Evolution to make sure that a piece of graphic design looks exceptional not just on a digital artboard but also when printed in real life.

‐ Brand Creation & Management

‐ Collateral Design

‐ Printing Methods

‐ Booklet Layout & Proofing